Sunday, June 24, 2012


I've definitely been neglecting blogging,but it's because I have a really hard time trying to keep things up.My mind is always filled with so many things.Just last week,I've been wanting to do art sculptures,simply because I thought that it was my "calling." Then after that,I thought that I could be an artist,(but,that was a total BUST)because my drawing skills are lacking.So insufficient,that I can't even draw a proper stick person.Well,I guess it's back to basics,I'll try with my utmost patience,that I will make this WERK.I've already been keeping up with resort and ss13 menswear,so I should be on the right track.

Anyways,here's an FW12 GIVENCHY AD CAMPAIGN,that'll have you groovin' w/ Stella Tennant

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